Lance Bass shows Lions’ TE Joe Fauria the real steps to “Bye, Bye, Bye”

Despite the NFL’s increasingly stringent rules regarding touchdown celebrations, Detroit Lions TE Joe Fauria has been able to maintain his unique on-field persona through his end zone dance moves.

After executing a particular homage to N*Sync’s hit single, “Bye, Bye, Bye,” we decided to help show Joe the real moves by having former N*Sync member Lance Bass break down the dance, step by step.

Joe thinks that he’s shooting a fun video on the field where he played his college ball – UCLA’s Rose Bowl Stadium. As you can tell by his reaction in the video below, he has no idea who’s about to pay him a visit…

Special thanks to Lauren Hall at the Rose Bowl for helping facilitate the location logistics.

Edit: After being live for only a few hours, the piece was picked up by various other news outlets, including TMZ, Sports Illustrated, and Joe’s own Detroit Lions!

“American Muscle” debuts June 9 at 9 p.m. on Discovery

After several months of work dating back to last year, we’re excited to announce the upcoming premiere of “American Muscle” – Funny or Die’s latest unscripted series that will air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

The show will feature several top athletes – a couple of which you can see in the trailer below – working with one of the most highly-respected (and eccentric) trainers in the country. Without further ado…


Arnold Palmer discusses U.S. Open

With the World Cup kicking off, and the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals in full swing, this weekend is gearing up to be quite a sports doozy.

Not to be left out, Yahoo! caught up with PGA legend Arnold Palmer to see who he likes to win the other major event (ha, see what I did there?) taking place over the next couple days – the U.S. Open:


Landon Donovan – Yahoo! Sports’ World Cup Memorable Moments

With World Cup 2014 action kicking off earlier today, Yahoo! took a look back at one of the most iconic moments (especially for Americans) from the 2010 tournament. We helped them get some time with one of the all-time American soccer greats, Landon Donovan, whose last-minute goal vs. Algeria in 2010 lifted Team USA out of group play and played a significant role in helping grow the American soccer fan base.

Check out Yahoo!’s phenomenal recount of the game, and the goal, below…



Cobi Jones stops by Fox Sports’ @TheBuzzer

Cobi Jones was on @TheBuzzer yesterday, chatting with Aja Dang about some of the top 2014 World Cup storylines…

Cobi was awesome and had a blast with the crew, snapping a photo with the entire production team after shooting a handful of clips.















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