Nick Zaccagnino

President & CEO

Nick Zaccagnino founded Global Sports & Entertainment, Inc. in 1996. Nick oversees the entire operation of the company, including business development, celebrity talent booking, and event production management. Nick has successfully managed some of Global Sports & Entertainment’s biggest clients, such as ESPN and Fox.

Nick has managed some of Global Sports & Entertainment’s biggest events at over a dozen Super Bowls, including ESPN’s The Magazine Party and Corporate Hospitality Events, among others. Nick has successfully booked and managed talent for the ESPY Sports Awards, Disney’s “What Next” Campaign, and ESPN the Weekend – a co-branded event with Walt Disney World.

Nick began his career in radio, producing Jim Rome in Santa Barbara, California. He went on to produce the top-rated McDonnell/Douglas Show in Los Angeles. Nick then made the transition into television as a talent producer for ESPN. It was at ESPN where Nick met fellow ESPN producer John Carlin, and the two of them eventually partnered together to launch Global Sports & Entertainment in 1996.

With John’s departure to become lead sports booker at “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Nick led GSE into the digital age, matching celebrity sports talent with high-profile internet projects for companies like Yahoo and AOL. Nick still credits John Carlin as one of the most important people in the success of Global Sports & Entertainment, and to this day the company still feels his impact.

In 2012, Nick joined the “Big Brother, Big Sister” program and presently serves as a mentor to a bright young boy named Andy, whom Nick feels is destined to go on to do great things and impact the world in a positive way. Nick is happily married and enjoys spending time with his family and his two Great Danes.

Hometown: San Clemente, California
School: University of California, Santa Barbara
Hobbies: Hiking, beach, travel, cooking, basketball, poker, and of course watching sports.
Hero: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Memorable Sports Moments: Kirk Gibson’s amazing home run: Dodgers vs. A’s, Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. And watching alongside my father as his Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV vs. Tennessee.


Evan Levy

Senior Event Manager/Talent Producer

Evan considers being called a sports geek a big compliment. He especially loves putting his sports knowledge to work for GSE and its clients. Evan has acquired and produced numerous high-profile projects, such as “The Players Club” on CBS, “The Choice” on Fox, and a VIP Super Bowl event for the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

Evan has also helped GSE advance its digital strategy by acquiring accounts such as “My Ink” and “Win/Win” on AOL and Bleachers Report’s “Hardest Working Player of the Week.” He has booked talent for the aforementioned shows and events, as well as ESPN Zone, Yahoo!, and “Crowd Goes Wild” on Fox Sports 1. Evan also managed the 2014 Super Bowl “What’s Next” campaign for Disney.

Prior to Global Sports & Entertainment, Evan served for 7 years at the William Morris Agency. He started his career there as an assistant to Jill Smoller, who launched the sports department at William Morris. Evan ultimately advanced to the position of agent, working with such stars as Serena Williams, Kevin Garnett, Michelle Wie, and Rick Fox, as well as ESPN announcers Sean Farnham and Mark Willard.

Evan lives in West LA with his sports-crazed wife, Alexa Levy. Sorry mom, but no kids yet.

Hometown: Los Angeles
School: University of Arizona. “Beardown!”
Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
Favorite Movie: The Usual Suspects
Hobbies: Cheering on my favorite sports teams, working out, watching TV, playing golf and poker.
Memorable Sports Moments: Being a student and watching my Arizona Wildcats win the 1997 college basketball championship in Indy, followed closely by Kirk Gibson’s home run vs. Eckersley in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.


Ben Weiss

Sr. Talent Booker/Director of Digital Marketing

Ben’s booking experience at Global Sports & Entertainment covers a vast array of projects in the event, media, and brand spaces. From securing talent for various projects at the past three Super Bowls, to seeding award-winning video games and industry-leading consumer products to some of the most influential celebrities, Ben thrives on delivering the best talent to the GSE clients.

A graduate of USC’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, Ben specializes in talent booking for digital platforms and brand marketing. An avid consumer of digital content and active participant on social media (he manages the @GlobalSportsEnt twitter account for the company), he has an intimate familiarity with the ever-evolving ways in which people consume celebrity-driven content.

He unapologetically supports his Boston-area teams in an office that is predominantly Angeleno, and is the resident expert on any internal Global Sports & Entertainment inquiries about the latest music trends (“Ben, who is Dead-Mau-Five?”). Yes, he has attended the Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival more than once. Ben takes pride in breaking sports news to his coworkers, typically via something he reads on his twitter feed, and is a sucker for a humor-infused viral video.

Hometown: Durham, NH
School: University of Southern California
Favorite TV Show: Archer
Hobbies: Concerts/festivals, pickup basketball, running along the Manhattan Beach strand, traveling, horchata
Favorite writer: Drew Magary
Memorable Sports Moments: Witnessing two of my favorite teams fall just short of a championship – Super Bowl XLVI (Patriots loss to the Giants), 2010 NBA Finals game 7 (Celtics loss to the Lakers). Oy.